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Mint Green Lightroom Presets

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This preset uses green tones to create a nice serene look. This style is great for outdoor shots or any photo with a lot of natural light. The result you get will also look so charming with its soft matte vintage style.

How to Use Mint Green Lightroom Presets

  1. First of all you need to download it.
  2. Then add it to the Lightroom app.
  3. Then it should be opened. Then click on the three-dot option above the preset.
  4. Then click Copy Settings option.
  5. After copying settings select your normal photo.
  6. Then click on the three-dot option at the top.
  7. Then click on the Paste Settings option.
  8. Then your picture editing is complete.

magine being in a forest, breathing the fresh air, and feeling the mist surround you. That’s what we wanted to create with this Lightroom preset – a dark green look that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of nature.

This moody green preset brings the life of the forest to your photos and gives them a sense of serenity and peace. With the dark green foliage and contrasting bright reds and oranges, this preset will make your photos look deep and inspirational.

Mint Green Lightroom Presets are the best preset to use for hiking photos and photos of the forest, jungle, or other green scenery.

While green presets are not as popular as other color schemes, they can easily be the most creatively moody. The color gives off a cool mysterious vibe that looks incredible on photos with high contrast tones. The resulting aesthetic is just fun to play with, across all types of photography.

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The presets I listed below have different styles. You can see how they range from soft to high-contrast, from light to dark. What you select will ultimately boil down to your preference.


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