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Brown & Aqua Lightroom Presets

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Brown & Aqua color grade is used in photography with lovely warm tones with a cinematic look. Get various brown & Aqua Lightroom preset downloads of the brown and aqua preset to assist your editing workflow. Today I give away one of the best-crafted presets created by major photography artists. The aqua tones compliment the brown color which has a nice complementing look.

Freely download these premium presets today and improve your photographs with a nice brown and aqua color pallet look. The brown & aqua presets are free for download and they support different versions of Lightroom CC and also camera raw for your specific version of Photoshop. Download the preset updates and get the installation manual for the Lightroom mobile version.

  1. The presets are many to choose from with different saturation values and tones to suit your photography style and design.
  2. Download them below and read the installation manual to assist you with implementing them into your Adobe Lightroom software.

Download two versions of the brown & aqua Lightroom presets with XML versions with the installation manual for the latest Adobe Lightroom CC versions. Unzip the file with software such as WinRAR and follow the steps to implement it. Get the step-by-step tutorial on how to install Lightroom presets in Adobe Lightroom.

How to install the presets in Lightroom

1. Extract the ZIP download file with the presets that you downloaded
2. Open Lightroom, click on Preferences, then go to the Presets tab
3. Click on Show Lightroom Presets Folder
4. Double-click on the Lightroom folder, then double-click on the Develop Presets folder
5. Navigate to the folder and copy the folder(s) into the Develop Presets folder
6. Restart Lightroom and that’s it.

That`s it guys, enjoy using these colorful Lightroom presets in your photography and experience massive improvement in your art and workflow. If you need any professional experience with different versions of Lightroom, please contact me, and I’ll reply to your email with help and guidance.

Comment down below with the experience you get with the presets.

1 review for Brown & Aqua Lightroom Presets

  1. Joecalih

    The colors are contrasty great with a perfect pop

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